Capacitive Level Switch for Liquids and Bulk Solids

Product Description

Brand : VEGA Instruments

Model : VEGAPOINT 30

Compact capacitive limit switch
For the detection of light bulk solids

Application area

From thread ½”, universal connection G1″ for hygiene adapter, M12, valve plug, transistor output, IO-Link, wireless operation, hygiene approvals

VEGAPOINT 31 is a low-cost limit switch for use with light bulk solids. The optional universal connection for hygiene adapters ensures reduced installation effort and leaner stock keeping and perfectly meets the requirements for hygienic processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It can be used without adjustment in the application. With IO-Link, it offers continuous digital data transmission.

Your benefit

  • Coloured 360° status display, adjustable
  • Easy integration into control systems through IO-Link communication
  • Low-cost limit switch, optimized for light bulk solids

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