Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is a Discrete Event Simulation tool, used for simulation studies and experiments of material flow, operations, staffing and logistics in any type of production.

Product Description

Brand : Siemens
Model : Tecnomatix Plant Simaulation 2302

Major Topics addressed by Plant Simulation are:

  • Material Flow and Throughput validation
  • Test of production control and layout alternatives
  • Optimization of material handling and logistics
  • Show production KPI: utilization, performance,…
  • Dimensioning of capacities: machines, buffer, AGV,…

Plant Simulation Results
Tecnomatix Plant Simulation helps to:

  • Detect and eliminate problems that otherwise would
    have required costly and time-consuming correction
    measures during production ramp-up
  • Minimize the investment cost for production lines
    without jeopardizing the required output
  • Optimizing the performance of existing production
    systems by implementing measures that have been
    verified in a simulation study, prior to implementation
    in the real system.

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