• High Efficiency And Fast > 2-3 minutes out of the pot, can meet the peak demand for meals.
  • High firepower Mix well > Concave three-dimensional heating, heating even pot gas enough;Active planet stirring, high speed dispersion, stirring evenly, good product.
  • Simple and flexible > Compact body, easy to install; The latest honeycomb non-stick frying pan technology, easy to clean.
  • High intelligence > Standardized material box, automatic accurate feeding; 7 inch HD color touch screen, can be automatically or manually controlled, store a variety of recipes at any time to call, operation as desired.

Product Description

Brand : T-chef tech
Model : TC-10EA

  • Mainly achieve a variety of small portions of fried rice and stir-fry technology
  • Manual/Automatic cooking mode – can be selected according to cooking needs
  • Automatic feeding – no manual feeding time difference, more perfect to meet the process requirements
  • Automatic fine control of fire – restore the core technology, pure taste
  • Automatic speed change to stir – restore cooking process, improve process reduction
  • The pot can be quickly taken and placed – improve cooking efficiency, clear, convenient and efficient
  • Electromagnetic coil overheating safety protection – ensure the safety of equipment and personnel
  • Fault self-diagnosis prompt – Quickly lock the cause for timely resolution
  • Sound and light operation prompts – Ensure correct and timely operation
  • Color touch screen – good display effect, easy to operate
  • Storable dish program – The stored dish program can be called at any time

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