KW2D series smart RFID increases tracking, security, access levels, and productivity of applications. Built for easy integration into industrial systems, this RFID device lets OEM and end users implement secure equipment identification, access control, and traceability.

The built-in Ethernet port that facilitates quick connectivity to host devices like PLCs and HMIs using EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP. A built-in LED and auxiliary buzzer provide feedback on operation status.

KW2D series supports 3rd party RFID tags if the tags are operated at 13.56 MHz and rated Type A, F or V standard. Although KW2D works with various RFID tag formats, IDEC-supplied color-coded key fob or card-style tags include enhanced encryption compared with other tag types.

Product Description

Brand : IDEC
Model : KW2D Series

  • Built-in RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Built-in LED and auxiliary buzzer
  • IP65/67 rated, water-, dust-, and oil-proof ratings
  • Support of Modbus TCP Server, EtherNet/IP Adapter, CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave
  • FREE configuration software tool


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Booth No : D1, D3

Website : www.q-control.co.th/idec/contact-us