Your link to digital dimensions – the smart gateway for Industrial Edge and cloud connections

Whether it’s in a new or existing plant, SIMATIC IOT2050 easily and cost-effectively opens the way to digital dimensions. The smart IoT gateway is easy to retrofit, and will acquire, process, harmonize, and save machine and production data from multiple sources directly on-site in your production facility, and then pass it on, for example, to a local or cloud-based system. It’s especially easy to connect to MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens. And thanks to its future edge functionality, the SIMATIC IOT2050 can also be integrated into Industrial Edge solutions from Siemens.

Product Description

Model : SIMATIC IOT2050

The combined utilization of machine and production data opens up a wide range of possible applications – the SIMATIC IOT2050 as a freely-programmable data gateway can establish the interface between the field and the IT/cloud. It can harmonize communication between the various sources of data before analyzing it and forwarding it to the appropriate recipients.

The SIMATIC IOT2050 can constitute an easy to retrofit, cost-efficient solution. This easy-to-implement solution facilitates the realization of future-oriented production concepts on already existing systems.

Application examples:
Connection of additional sensors, and data collection and transfer in existing systems in order to identify optimization potential
Acquisition of machine data, such as motor performance indicators, for analysis in order to derive preventive maintenance concepts
Coherence and harmonization of communication from and between different machines and automation components

Openness for industrial IOT applications

Wide range of options for programming in high-level languages
Implementation of flexible communication solutions with different protocols, from Modbus RTU, OPC UA to cloud protocols such as MQTT/AMQP
Use of open source application examples and libraries
SIMATIC Industrial OS, via OSD + free “ISAR” Debian via download

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