A single device that can meet the high speed, durability, and flexibility needs for enterprise work. Developed to satisfy the requirements for increasingly complex applications and efficiency conscious worksites, this handheld computer can improve operations in any application.

  • Drop resistance: 2.7 m 8.9’/3.0 m 9.8′ (w/ rubber bumper)
  • Multiple attachments for any application
  • Large 6-inch and 4-inch screen option
  • Easy-to-handle design

Product Description

Model : DX series

The DX Series is a high-speed, rugged, and flexible PDA designed for enterprise purposes. It solves the problems of increasingly complex applications and improves efficiency at various worksites. The DX Series comes with two different screen sizes—six inches and four inches—to match differing application needs. The ergonimic, one-handed grip, makes the DX Series easy to use even with the large six-inch screen and the high capacity 6060 mAh battery allows operators to work uninterupted. Not only does the DX Series provide high-speed reading and excellent durability, but the RFID reader and other expansion units allow it to flexibly respond to on-site changes.

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