Efficient, Reliable Power Supply

The Eco line of power supplies now includes new WAGO Eco 2 Power Supplies with push-in technology and integrated WAGO levers. The new devices’ compelling features include fast, reliable, tool-free connection, as well as an excellent price–performance ratio.

Product Description

Brand : WAGO

Slim Design and Long Service Life

Many basic applications only require 24 VDC. This is where WAGO’s Eco Power Supplies excel as an economical solution.

At 25 mm and 38 mm wide, the new power supplies (2687-2142 and 2687-2144) are slim and compact. The devices are also extremely durable and reliable with impressive efficiency ≥ 88 % (2687-2142) and lower thermal generation. WAGO’s WMB markers or marking strips can be used for all types of rail-mount terminal blocks and power supplies.

Additional Technical Information:

Power supplies with a wide input voltage range of 90 … 264 VAC (100 … 373 VDC)
Output voltage: 24 VDC, adjustable; output power: 30 W (2687-2142) and 120 W (2687-2144)
The Benefits for You:

Integrated, tool-free lever connections with push-in technology
Slim design, high efficiency, good price–performance ratio
Reliability, long service life (high MTBF)
Quick, easy, maintenance-free, tool-free connection technology

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