Dinkle M12/M8 circular connector features high stability and tightness. With IP67 rating and higher, our connectors allow reliable connection solutions in extreme environments with humidity, large temperature changes, and vibrations. Dinkle provides single and double ended straight and angled molded connector with PVC and PUR cables for quick field wiring and improves the overall productivity.

Product Description

Brand : Dinkle
Model : M8 Series and M12 Series

Product Description:

M12 Molded Connector

  • Dinkle’s M12 circular connector portfolio is designed according to IEC 61076-2-101.
  • Plastic-coated cable assemblies for high structural stability and tightness.
  • Male and female connectors are waterproof and dustproof (IP67 and above) when connected.
  • Reliable connection solution in environments with humidity, temperature changes, and vibrations.
  • Pin arrangement follows a coding protocol for integration into industrial control systems.
  • Provides high-quality PVC and PUR cables for various industrial applications.
    – PVC offers high rigidity and resistance to cleaning solvents.
    – PVC suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure washing environments.
    – PUR cables have high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, ideal for applications with bending and movement.
  • Shielded cables for field buses with high noise immunity for reliable communication.
  • Dinkle’s circular connectors are designed for harsh manufacturing environments.
  • They deliver high-performance transmission of signals and data.

M8 Device Connector

  • A smaller M8 panel-type circular connector designed based on IEC 61076-2-104.
  • Offer a more compact assembly and connection solution to meet the increasing demand for power and data transmission.
  • Designed for use in housing with limited space, providing higher power density compared to general connectors.
  • Well-suited for industrial environments, delivering excellent performance in harsh conditions and offering at least an IP67 level of dust and water resistance.
  • The comprehensive product portfolio provides high-quality efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

M12 Distribution Box

  • Application
    – Optimize the wiring of the I/0 module and PLC in the control cabinet/box. Distribution boxes bundle 4/6/8 sensors or actuators into one master connection. Minimizing the risk of error to wire in the field.
  • Effective and Flexible cabling
    – Status indicator: Single / Double slots and 4/ 6 /8 sockets are available.
    – M12 connector: Standardized M12 A-Code connector according to IEC 61076-2-101.
  • Clear marking
    – Quick and convenient marking with the DINKLE TM-R series.
  • High quality cable
    – PUR/PVC sheathed cables for various industrial environments.

Product Certification:
IP68 Rating, UL, and IEC.

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