SVL (System vehicle loops) – SVL steering shuttles are designed to handle and sort large volumes of materials within the warehouse

Product Description

Brand : System Logistic
Model : SVL

SVL steering shuttles are designed to manage a considerable quantity of pallets. Noticeably reducing the transfer times of loading units, they are particularly suited to automated order picking and are capable of managing “just-in-time” shipments.

Functioning as a pallet sorting system, SVLs are usually positioned between a vertical automated warehouse (HBWH) and the picking bays, or between the order picking bays and shipment bays.
SVL steering shuttles travel on a monorail circuit, which allows higher speeds on curves, maximizing transport capacity.

SVL systems offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Speed and Responsiveness
  • Maximum pallet Throughput
  • Simplicity and Redundancy
  • No systemic impact
  • Maximized AS/RS Performance

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