Full Closed Loop System & No Hunting
High Position-Accuracy
Interface (Industrial communication network compatibility.)

Product Description

Brand : PISCO
Model : Close Loop System Hi STEP

Advantages over Open-Loop Control Stepping Drive

  • Reliable positioning without loss of synchronism.
  • Holding stable position and automatically recovering to the original position even after experiencing positioning error due to external forces,such as mechanical vibration or vertical positional holding.
  • Hi STEP utilizes 100% of the full range of rated motor torque, contrary to a conventional open-loop stepping driver that can use up to 50% of the rated motor torque due to the loss of synchronism.
  • Capability to operate at high speed due to load-dependant current control, open-loop stepping drivers use a constant current control at all speed ranges without considering load variations.

Advantages over Servo Motor Controller

  • No gain tuning. (Automatic gain adjustment in response to a load change)
  • Maintains the stable holding position without oscillation after completion of positioning.
  • Fast positioning due to the independent control by on-board ARM.
  • Continuous operation during rapid short-stroke movement due to instantaneous positioning.

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