ReBeL® robot

The product name ReBeL® stands for” Robotic Embedded-BLDC& electronics Link”. The robot is ideally suited for cobot applications due to its compact and lightweight design. This makes it particularly suitable for assembly tasks, quality inspection tasks and the service area. The ReBeL® can lift a payload of up to 2kg. Each of its individual joints can be rotated 360° and the wrist even has no limit at all. Optionally, we offer the robot with four or six degrees of freedom, as well as with or without a control system.

Product Description

Brand : igus®

Product information:

  • Number of axes: 4 or 6
  • Load capacity (max.): 2kg
  • Repeatability: ±1mm
  • Reach: max. 664mm
  • Nominal reach: 350mm
  • Dynamics with 500g load capacity: min. 7 picks/min
  • Net weight: 8.2kg
    Possible area of application: service robotics, cobot functions preparation
    Control system: plug and play or open source versio

Exhibitor Info