The Kardex Shuttle is a Vertical Lift Module (VLM) that stores two columns of trays vertically on the front and rear of the machine. An extractor located in the middle of the VLM automatically moves trays to the access opening. Optiflex technology automatically measures the height of the stored goods on each tray and assigns them to an ideal storage location.

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Brand : Kardex Remstar
Model : Vertical Lift Module (VLM) Kardex Shttle 200/ 500/ 700/ 1000

Thanks to its flexible and modular design, the Kardex Shuttle can be adapted at any time as product volumes and sizes change. It ensures a small footprint with space savings of up to 85% and dynamic storage space allocation. It is ideal for storing articles with various sizes and weights or when the inventory mix changes frequently. Each Kardex Shuttle can be used as a stand-alone unit or connected to a networked system. It is even possible to install a Kardex Shuttle outside a building to increase the existing system’s capacity. The Kardex Shuttle is used for storage applications as well as for single item picking and multiple batch picking. Based on product size and weight, customers can choose from four different product types.While a Kardex Shuttle 250/500 fits best for smaller parts with loads of up to 555 kg, the Kardex Shuttle 700 is recommended for medium loads. When storing heavy loads or even pallets, the Kardex Shuttle 1000 is the perfect choice.

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