The Kardex Horizontal Carousel is used for fast, reliable and cost-efficient storage and picking of goods. It features an oval-shaped track surrounded by carriers equipped with shelves and storage bins. A motor moves the carrier around the track horizontally, stopping at a pre-determined access point for storing and retrieving goods.

Product Description

Brand : Kardex Remstar
Model : Horizontal Carousel Moules (HCMs) CW 622/ 825/ 960

Whether in production or distribution, for applications requiring high throughput or for medium and slow-movers, Horizontal Carousel Modules (HCMs) flexibly adapt to all types of tasks to efficiently process picking orders. HCMs provide an efficient process flow, increased transparency and more flexibility, even during peak times. To enhance picking performance, Kardex typically arranges HCMs in stations. The exact layout of the stations, including the shape and number of levels, is based on the specific operational demands and facility size. From simple 1-person stations to more complex multilevel stations allowing multiple material flow strategies, Kardex configures HCMs to meet its customers’ needs.

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