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Maxim Pack International Co., Ltd. begin manage register form a company build register partner company office, Bangkok Department of Commercial Registration, Ministry of Commerce with the 1,000,000 authorized baht capital by have the head office stays 104/ 151 Moo 8, Soi Eakachai 54, Eakachai Road the district Bangbon, Bangbon, Bangkok Thailand by work package plastic kind HDPE, LDPE, PVC, POF, STRETCH FILM, SHRINK FILM, PP BOARD, AND OTHER by produce come out ready made goods such as bag, coil a pipe, coil single, a bag open the head-rear, plastic covers, plastic sheet by a bag has can to produce in front wide 2 wide part plastic meter and plastic sheet can produce to get the favour of 4 wide the meter and still have can to produce are color 6 a colors on plastic meat keep for support industrial all work by have a factory produce with administration system that standardized besides company still have to serve about of the arrangement carries to contain that complete all besides area company goods produces to give with customer way for enhances the convenience and demote while in the arrangement seeks such as paper box, plastic bottle, label, cap seal.

Principal goods part of a company can serve a customer gives with various kind business such as business food and beverage group, business consumer product group, industry petrochemical group, business sanitary were group, the construction, industry sugar group and other from the products that are of good quality of a company then receive the trustworthiness from many all company.

66 Soi Eakachai, Klong Bang Pran, Bangbon, Bangkok
+66 2898-2326
+66 8 9787-1742, +66 8 7592-9191
+66 2898-2327
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